Przewodnicząca Kapituły Fundacji p. Cecylia Bartel została zaproszona do Komitetu Honorowego projektu budowy pomnika Pomordowanych Profesorów Lwowskich

The Founder and the President of the Professor Kazimierz Bartel Foundation’s Chapter, Ms Cecylia Bartel was invited to the Honorary Committee for Building the Monument of the Murdered Lwow Professors.    
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The monument will commemorate the event of July 1941: "Eight days after the outbreak of the war between the Third German Reich and the Soviet Union, on 30 June 1941 the Hitler’s army entered Lwow. The Germans started the immediate actions directed against Polish intellectuals. In July on the Wulka Hills at the ditch dug in the sand they shot to death 25 professors of Lwow universities. They also shot the persons of their families and the acquaintances who visited their homes at the time the Professors were arrested. The victims were, among others, the pre-war prime minister professor Kazimierz Bartel and the translator and literary critic Tadeusz Boy- Żeleński."

The joint initiative to build the monument of the murdered Professors was announced by the Mayor of Wrocław, Rafał Dutkiewicz and the Mayor of Lwow, Adriy Sadowy in the letter of intent on 7 March 2008 in Wrocław. In July 2011 on the Wulka Hills the monument by professor Aleksander Śliwa of Krakow Academy of Fine Arts will be unveiled. The monument of Aleksander Śliwa attracts with its simplicity and laconic form. The design of the monument evokes the avalanche of painful associations in the onlookers but also gives the alleviation derived from the laws of the Decalogue.
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