In No 2 Combined Sports and General Education Schools in Krakow the mini-volleyball competition was held. The 19th Santa Claus Tournament is the biggest sports event organised by No 2 Combined Sports and General Education Schools in Krakow.

About 250 young athletes, boys and girls, of fifth grades of primary schools from all over Poland participate in the three day rivalry. The main objective of the competition is to propagate the volleyball as the sport for the entire life, to satisfy the developmental and sports needs of children, to extend the specialist training and to create the opportunity to meet the people committed in the development of the volleyball.

And every year the Foundation supported the event organisationally and financially.

The Foundation invites for the Krakow premiere of the project "Tuwim" 22 November on the PWST Stanisław Wyspiański Stage at 22 Straszewskiego St

22 November 2013, the PWST’s [State Higher Theatrical School] theatre hall, Krakow, 22 Straszewskiego Street

You are invited to see the photos of the play

photo © Paweł Zechenter

The Bartel Foundation cooperates in the implementation of the project destined for the artistically talented youth of 13 – 25 years of age. The project was selected to be implemented in the competition announced by the Book Institute within the Julian Tuwim Year.

Year 2013 is the sixtieth anniversary of the Poet’s death (he died on 27 December 1953 in Zakopane) and the hundredth anniversary of his poetical debut in the „Kurier Warszawski” daily.
“The both anniversaries – as can be reads in the text of the resolution voted by the Parliament – constitute the opportunity to pay homage to this great poet who shaped the language, imagination and the social sensitiveness of many generations of Poles, who taught them the sense of humour and showed the optimism of everyday life.” (…) The poetry of Julian Tuwim is one of the most important proposals in the 20th century to cultivate the art of word. The rich ad versatile works of the author of “Kwiaty polskie” [Polish Flowers] constitute the vivid and attractive proposal for the readers of every generation. The Parliament of the Republic of Poland, being convinced of the special significance of the poet’s literary output for the national heritage, proclaims the year 2013 as the year of Julian Tuwim.”

The project will take from the half of September till the beginning of December 2013. The youth will participate in musical , vocal, and dancing workshops under the leadership of experienced tutors.

As a result of the project the music and dance spectacle will be created staged in a professional theatre. Also the recording session will be organised and its effects will be published in the mass media. Specially for the needs of the project the outstanding artist, Joachim Mencel, has prepared the music to the selected works of Julian Tuwim, and Anita Podkowa and Aleksander Kopański have prepared original choreography.

The professional supervision over the project is provided by the Krakow Jazz and Entertainment Music School and by the Professor Bartel Foundation.
The vocal and musical classes are held at 19b Romanowicza Street (the hall of Cracow Groove Lab), and the dancing classes at No 2 Combined Sports and General Education Schools at 35 Teatralne Os and at No 14 Combined General Education Schools at Dywizjonu 303 Os.

Contact and information: Wioletta Michałek,
Project’s web site:

07 August 2013

We have received nice thanks from the parents of the children of No 25 Primary School in Krakow

On our You Tube channel we have added the films of the show at the Ludowy Theatre

1. the speech of the President of the Bartel Foundation




2. PO DRUGIEJ STRONIE SNÓW [ON THE OTHER SIDE OF DREAMS], choreography by Natasza Leśniak. Performed by the pupils of No 87 Primary School (the pupils of Magda Gawara and Małgosia Stępak) and of No XXX Secondary School (grades III B and II B)



 3. LUSTRO [MIRROR], choreography by: Aleksander Kopański. Performed by the pupils of No 52 Primary School (the children of grades I to VI), and also by the pupils of grade IB of XXX Secondary School



Reminiscences of the final concert at Krakow Ludowy Theatre of the project „MYŚL W RUCHU” [THOUGHT IN MOVEMENT].

coordinator: Wioletta Michałek
artistic coordinator: Anita Podkowa
choreographers: Monika Foster, Natasza Leśniak, Aleksander Kopański
actor cooperation – Dominik Piejko


 phot. © Paweł Zechenter